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Founded in 1958, CIPS represents Information Technology professionals across Canada.

CIPS serves as the voice and champion of the Canadian IT profession.


In today’s global economy, success for Canadian companies depends on professionals acquiring and maintaining universally accepted standards.


CIPS Ontario, one of the first Provincial CIPS bodies to be formed, is mandated by Act of Parliament to administer the regulations, standards, education, and discipline of the Information Systems Professional of Canada (I.S.P.) designation in Ontario.


Our Certifications

The Information Systems Professional of Canada (I.S.P.) Certification was introduced in 1989, and is now an internationally recognized designation.  It is registered, by legislation, as a standard professional designation in the following provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


Information Systems Professional of Canada Where provincial legislation has not yet been enacted, CIPS provincial bodies currently are or will be pursuing this objective, e.g. Manitoba, PEI, etc.


CIPS Members who have achieved the I.S.P. designation, but reside in a province or territory not yet with enabling legislation, are administered by the CIPS National Office in Toronto.


IP3 Accredited At an International level CIPS is one of the first IT Professional societies to be allowed, by the International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3), to award the IP3P Accredited certification.


IP3 is a global initiative that was adopted by the 90+ IFIP Member Societies at the IFIP General Assembly (GA). It consists of the leading professional IT associations across the globe that share a common vision to establish IT as a profession that is recognized and valued globally and has the same key strategic features that are common to most established professions.

  Information Technology Certified Professional  In addition to the IP3P award, any members achieving this internationally recognized award also achieves the ITCP Certification here in Canada.  This is the Canadian equivalence of the IP3P award and is equally recognised as such around the globe.


The legislation

The Ontario legislation ( Bill Pr21 1998 – An Act respecting Canadian Information Processing Society of Ontario) received Royal Assent of the Ontario Legislature in June, 1998.  This Act mandates that CIPS Ontario

  1. enhances the professional standing of its members by actively promoting the designations reserved by this Act through a program of education and support within Ontario and by emphasizing the benefits of the designations to members and employers alike.
  2. promotes ethical practice in the field of information technology in order to protect and serve the public interest

The I.S.P. is a cross-discipline certification that identifies the holder as an individual who has current skills and capabilities across a wide range of knowledge areas within the IT profession.


CIPS members working towards or achieving the I.S.P. designation set themselves apart from other IT practitioners. 

By achieving I.S.P. certification CIPS Members make a proven commitment to IT professionalism, prove that their knowledge of the IT profession, how it is applied in a business environment, and standards of practice are current and extensive.


Unlike many vendor specific certifications and even Information Technology degrees, the I.S.P. indicates that the holder has been audited independently as proving they continuously update and improve their skills and capabilities and have current relevant experience to support business in Canada and around the world.


The I.S.P. designation confirms these individuals status as IT practitioners of the highest capability and integrity and all employers should ask if the IT professional they are employing has been certified to this standard.

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